Saturday, May 17, 2008


I cannot believe I forgot to write this in my last entry: after the Hoba Hoba Spirit concert last Saturday, everyone (band and entourage) went out to dinner. The Moroccan Music Awards were taking place that evening, so every few minutes, someone in the band would get a phone call informing them that Hoba had won such-and-such award. In the end, Hoba Hoba Spirit was awarded Best Single of the Year (“Hoba’s Back”), Best Album of the Year (Trabando) and Best Band of the Year. So a BIG congratulations to Hoba Hoba Spirit for sweeping the Moroccan Music Awards!

And if that weren’t enough for one day, the New York Times name-dropped the band in an article about the upcoming Gnaoua Festival in Essaouria. The Times referred to Hoba Hoba Spirit as, “a crowd-wowing multilingual 'Moroc ’n roll'” band. Way to go guys!

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